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How to use Latex Moulds/Latex Molds and Moulding Latex for Plaster Painting Parties, Fundraising or Making Money.

Plaster painting and decorating using the varied latex moulds/latex molds from Aldax is easy and great deal of fun. Suitable for all ages, for you and for your children. From the simplest plain design to the most complex highly detailed mould you will find it a most enjoyable experience.

Aldax supplies the latex moulds/latex molds, you have to supply the decorating skill to make this your own personal project. It will be all your work, a finished piece that you will be proud to display in your home or give as a gift. Aldax can even provide the Moulding latex if you wish to create your own unique pieces.

Briefly, to cast the latex mould, it must be supported to hang upside down where it is filled with liquid plaster that will turn solid in a matter of 10 to 20 minutes. The latex mould is then stripped off the plaster mold casting or whiteware as it is known and let dry before decorating. The latex moulds/latex molds may be used for casting plaster, soap, candles and resin. 

The following casting materials may be used in latex moulds/latex molds.

General Casting: Aldax Moulding Powder. This is a superfine casting plaster that has a harder surface than normal casting materials, to prevent chipping and assist decorating.

Chess & similar projects: Aldax StonePlast Powder. This is what is called a gypsum cement type plaster. Very, very hard and difficult to break, making it ideal for often handled pieces such as chess set pieces or lamp bases.

Casting Resin: Aldax CraftCast. This is resin that sets up hard in 3 minutes and can be taken from the mould in 10 minutes. It is opaque white in colour and may be easily decorated with acrylic craft paints.

Clear Casting Resin: Aldax CrystalCast. This yields a clear colourless, glass like finished piece. It can be stained any colour with transparent dyes or left as it is.

Candle Wax: This is usually a mixture of paraffin wax and stearic acid or stearine. We make the latex candle moulds of thicker latex to help withstand the heat.

Concrete: These, mainly garden moulds, are specially made to withstand the abrasive nature of sand and cement being cast into them. They are usually larger moulds many requiring a back-up mould of fiberglass or resin to support the latex when casting the heavy weight of concrete into them.

Soap Compounds: All types of soap may be cast in latex moulds. Most professionals prefer silicone or metal moulds for continuous use, however latex moulds/latex molds are suitable for short runs.

Primary school children have reached an age when plaster casting, model making and other 3D work is within their capability and is of great interest to them. During their younger years they have fully explored crayons and paints and other 2D projects and are ready for a new challenge.

The process teaches them to follow a set of instructions, it involves measuring, estimating and calculating. We include a full set of instructions with all latex moulds/latex molds.

We recommend the Supercast series of latex moulds/latex molds which we import from England for classroom activities. The activity is designed to take 2 separate lessons of about an hour. The hour is used to make the model and the second is used to paint it. At least a day must separate the lessons to allow the models to dry.

A six pack of the "green series moulds" is suitable for children up to 9 years. Each mould requires 200gm of Moulding Powder. Full instructions are provided. For children 10 and above the Supercast Wildlife series would be of more interest.

As a rough guide a 5kg bag of moulding plaster will be sufficient for 25 children to make their own "green series" model. The latex moulds/latex molds used in this activity should be washed after every use and stored in a cool dark area for re-use time and time again.

Plaster painting using latex moulds/latex molds is an easy stall to set up and run at any school, church or club run fund raising fete or similar activity. Invariably it attracts much attention and excitement and as a plus it is usually the most profitable. The cost of the whiteware for children to paint costs cents to make and can fetch multi dollar prices.

We can provide the brushes required at very low cost and have arranged for a basic colour range of Acrylic paint in 2 litre containers that may be equipped with paint pumps. The pumps may be used for dispensing onto paint palettes or separate paint containers that can be sold for $1.00 each. We provide instructions on how to make the whiteware and decorating ideas with all latex moulds/latex molds.

How to entertain your child's friends is a problem that every parent faces when the time comes for your children's birthday party? The expense can get quite out of hand particularly if you employ someone to run the party for you or to entertain the guests.

Many parents have been finding that a really absorbing pastime to introduce to a party is a self run painting party concept. Many use a theme such as a pirates party for the boys or a fairy party for the girls Give prizes for the best painted piece.

We provide latex moulds/latex molds, brushes and paint, tuned to the theme of the party and give you full instructions. You have everything ready before the party at a fraction of the cost of a catered party.

The good part is the children really enjoy the activity with the plus factor that the very nature of plaster painting is that it keeps them quiet and engaged, while it allows you to catch your breath.

While I do not suggest renting a shop for plaster painting activities without putting your toe in the water first, markets are providing a low cost entry for selling plaster whiteware for use in plasterpainting. Many an entrepreneur has gone on to bigger things starting off in this fashion.

However, starting off from home is certainly the best idea of all. No rent, no travelling, all profit. We are happy to talk any proposal through with you, based on our own 25 years of practical "setting up home studios" experience.

We have created a starter kit to get you started casting for either a party or for your own business. It can be found here.

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