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Our Plaster Moulds (Plaster Molds)

5) Make your own plaster moulds
6) Make money from plaster moulds

Casting With Plaster

Plaster is an extremely versatile and inexpensive casting material which can be used for many different casting projects.
Items which can be made with plaster
Decorative Ornaments Christmas Tree Ornaments
Childrens plaster painting objects Frig Magnets
Aquarium ornaments Cake decorations
Picture Frames Wall Plaques
and much more!

We recommend the use of Casting Plaster as opposed to the other commonly available plasters such as Plaster of Paris as sold by hardware stores, Pottery Plaster as sold by ceramic studios and Dental Plaster.

Plaster of Paris is more of a builders utility plaster, Pottery Plaster is made to absorb the water in ceramic slip and while Dental Plaster could be used it is unnecessarily expensive.

We carry stocks of Casting Plaster in our factory at all times in the large 20kg size as well as re-packed smaller sizes and these can be found on our web store under the name "Moulding Plaster". Click here for more information.

Casting Plaster is designed to dry with a hard exterior surface to prevent chipping and to make it easier to decorate.

We have a detailed instruction sheet available on our website on how to mix and pour plaster moulds with Casting plaster. Click here to read this instruction sheet.

Click here for our range of plasters

Heavy Duty Plasters

There are times when a heavier duty plaster is needed such as when casting objects which are handled often such as Chess Pieces. It is advisable to use one of the harder plasters or as they are correctly known gypsum cement. We stock several types of heavy duty plaster such as HydroCal and Hydrostone.


Plastic Plaster Moulds

Flat backed plaque style plastic plaster moulds (Plaster Molds)

Aldax Moulds manufactures one of the largest ranges of plastic hobby moulds ready to cast over and over.

These types of plaster molds are by far our most popular and are by far our biggest range. We manufacture these plaster moulds using 0.5mm PVC food safe plastic and as a result they are often used to cast chocolate into. We have a large range of chocolate shapes. We make all plaster molds carefully to ensure the that the plaster whiteware is easily released from the plaster molds, with designs suitable for plaster painting and many other decorative uses around the home.

The plaster moulds are made in 3 standard sizes as shown below and may be used for casting plaster, papier mache, chocolate or other food products.

More information and photographs of our plastic plaster moulds on our online store can be viewed by Clicking Here


Holding moulds straight and level during casting has always been a problem. Various methods have been devised over the years from setting the mould in loose cloth to holding it level in wet sand. None have been particularly satisfactory.

After considerable experimenting we have developed a mould holder which we call our "Level Caster". We have several sizes available to fit each of our standard plastic moulds.

Click here for more information on the level Caster

We have put together a short movie taking you through the process of casting one of our Plastic Plaster moulds. Click on the play button to start the movie.


Latex 3D Plaster Moulds

Plastic moulds have always had the limitation of not allowing the casting of figurines and objects with large undercuts. They have been fairly limited to flat backed plaque style items.

Latex 3D plaster moulds are flexible enough to allow objects to be cast of high complexity and containing undercuts.

Aldax Moulds also manufactures their own range of moulds which is one of the largest and we have teamed up with SuperCast Moulds of England to bring you the largest range of latex rubber moulds in the world. Our range also includes the worlds best chess set moulds imported direct from England.

Click Here for More Information

We have put together a short video showing the method we use to cast our latex rubber moulds.


Our Latex 3D Moulds

How to Paint Plaster Castings

Plaster is extremely versatile as a casting material and once set it can be decorated in many ways including painting, marble effects, guilding with gold leaf and even patinas which can give an antique effect.

Once the plaster casting has set completely it can be easily painted with cheap and readily available acrylic paints. This allows children to paint their plaster castings with non-toxic classroom paints with minimal supervision.

Customers have always been asking us where to get their hands on good quality and inexpensive classroom acrylic paints and we have sourced large 2 litre bottles of the primary colours.

We have these primary colours available seperately or in packs at a discounted price. Click here for the packaged set of paints.

We also have a range of paint pumps to allow easy use of the paints and aprons.


Make Your Own Plaster Moulds

In the rare event that we don't have a latex or plastic mould that suits your needs you can always ask us about getting a custom mould made for you. We do however recommend look into having a go at creating your own rubber mould as it is far easier than most people think.

Our website contains several articles on how to make your own moulds and we have a kit which can get you started. More information on the kits are shown below.


Getting Started With a Kit

Latex Mould Making Kit

To make this kit as interesting and practical as possible we took step by step colour photographs of how we make wall plaque moulds almost daily in our factory. We then wrote easy to follow explanations of each step and produced the booklet which is included in the kit.

Our aim is to make it as easy and painless as possible to start up a small plaster or concrete business in your home or place of business. Making wall plaques is a good place to start learning the techniques necessary. New kits will cover additional items you can manufacture with latex moulds and will be appearing in the near future. Click Here for More Information

click here for more information on latex mould making kit

Plaster Casting Starter Kit
To start you off with plaster casting we have a kit that contains 10 of our most popular plastic moulds complete with Casting Plaster and full instructions for a specially reduced price. We will also included a bonus plaster mould with every kit. Click on the image of the kit below for a more detailed look on our webstore.
Click here for more information on this kit

Make Money From Plaster Moulds

There are endless money making opportunities with plaster casting. We see it every day with our customers coming up with unique and simple ways of creating a business out of their newly developed plaster casting skills.

We assist many people with setting up plaster casting studios or even short events at craft markets and fairs. The cost of setting up with plaster casting is very small and big profit margins can be achieved.

Call or email us now with your business idea and we can help you get started.