Aldax CraftSil

Craftsil, Mould Making Supplies for Resin Molds and General Purpose Silicone Moulds

Aldax CraftSil General Purpose CraftSil is Aldax's general purpose silicone moulding rubber. Over 90% of our customer's mould material requirements have been met with this one product, Craftsil. If you are a beginner, you may be confused at the wide variety of silicone rubbers out there. Aldax Craftsil may be the product for you.

This is a brush or pour on 2 part system. Both Part A and Part B are included in the kit.

Aldax Craftsil 750

Pour Craftsil into box
Release craftsil mould
Mix and pour Craftsil into mould box.
Leave overnight and demould.
Aldax Craftsil can be coloured with SilPig Pigments for varying colour effects.
Silicone pigments for craftsil
See how easy it is to use our CraftSil in the following informative videos.
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