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Our Resin Jewellery Moulds

Imported Resin Jewellery and Embedding Moulds

Normal PVC plastic plaster moulds are not suitable for casting resin jewellery. These resin jewellery moulds are made from polypropylene plastic which together with polyethylene represent the two plastics suitable for resin casting.

Both these plastics have a good resistance to the heat that is generated during the curing process of resin and also have a greasy type surface which makes the use of release agents unnecessary.

You will find that resin jewellery will release very easily from these moulds due to the fact that resin shrinks slightly when cured or hard and a slight tap is usually all that is required to release your casting. They come from the mould with a high gloss finish so post polishing is not usually required.

Our "How to Make Resin Jewellery Kit" comes complete with a resin jewellery mould of this type which allows you to create many different jewellery pieces.
resin jewellery mould

Our range of resin jewellery moulds come in all shapes and sizes from assorted piece trays suitable for fast production to embedding blocks of all sizes. We are hoping to add to the range of resin jewellery moulds in the near future so keep an eye out on our website.

Aldax Manufactured plastic resin jewellery moulds

We have had great difficulty in obtaining a locally produced polypropylene suitable for vacuum forming but will continue to test until we obtain a material that works. Our current moulds are half the cost of the imported moulds but yield a semi gloss finish which has to be hand polished if a high gloss finish is required. 

If you require a custom mould for your own resin jewellery project you may wish to consider making your own silicone mould which is a lot easier than you would imagine and the design is uniquely yours.

Supercast Latex Chess Moulds

We have imported this range of British Chess sets which without doubt are the best in the world. They are suitable for resin casting and could form the basis of an interesting business opportunity. These latex moulds are usually cast with one of the harder gypsums or plasters and painted to create very unique and much sought after chess pieces. Get them now before stocks run out as our stocks are low and a shipment from England may be some time away.

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