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Our Soap Moulds/Soap Molds

Plastic Soap Moulds/Soap Molds

This series of plastic soap moulds/soap molds is made from 0.5mm PVC or 1mm ABS plastic and is intended to be used by the crafter or hobbyist to produce limited quantities of soap for personal use. The soap moulds/soap molds come in many designs and can be reused many times. These plastic trays can be arranged on a large flat table to enable fast production of soap. Due to the low cost of each soap mould/soap mold, production can be quite rapid if you have a large number of moulds.

Silicone Professional Soap Moulds/Soap Molds

Silicone is the ideal material for the production of soap. It is not as heat sensitive as plastic and therefore more suited to the high temperatures of melted soap. Silicone soap moulds/soap molds are long lasting and provide easy soap casting mould removal due to the flexibility of the mould. It is also less vulnerable to damage when compared to the plastic soap moulds/soap molds.

Silicone soap moulds/soap molds also provide the ability to reproduce very small detail with absolute fidelity wheras the plastic moulds have their limitations. Silicone Soap moulds/soap molds can also feature undercuts. To explain this we can look at the images of the plastic moulds above. The soap shapes have curved tops but will result in a flat back. This is a limitation of the vacuum forming method used to manufacture the moulds. Also immaging trying to remove a soap block out of a rigid plastic soap mould which is in the shape of a sphere. You wouldn't be able to remove it. If you had a flexible silicone mould on the other hand this wouldn't be a problem as the mould can stretch and release the soap.

The problem up to date with silicone soap moulds/soap molds has been the high cost of silicone which has prevented its wide adoption. After considerable experimenting we have developed a production method which coupled with volume silicone importation has enabled us to offer a wide range of soap moulds to the advanced amateur and professional soap caster. We are constantly developing new mould designs as well so feel free to email any of your suggestions and designs for consideration by our design and manufacturing team.

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