NEW! Aldax Moulds “Level Caster”


Our 3 basic sizes of plastic hobby moulds for plaster have been designed to be poured in a holder that allows the mould to be poured level.

As you all know one of the difficulties of pouring plaster moulds is the difficulty in arranging for them to be kept level while pouring the plaster into the mould.

Over the years we have tried various recommended methods from sand pits to arranging loose cloth on a bench with various degrees of success.

When we started making our plastic moulds we designed them with a lip on the edge that would fit into a holder, which we intended to make “one of these days”. Well that day has arrived and we can now make available our new “Level Caster”.

We have made it with heavier plastic than the moulds to give it extended life for the busy casting studio. If you pour moulds say 5 or 10 up you will need 5 or 10 of the holders. For those that pour individual moulds we are happy to supply them singly. At the present we have only the small size mould catered for and will let you know when the medium and large Level Casters will be available.

For the handyman with scrap timber a workable substitute can be made – but we suspect the majority will want the ready made article as we have kept the cost low at $6.95 each including GST.

Get your Level Caster today from our online store.




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