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This process covers giving a patina effect to objects that have been given a metallised appearance but are not necessarily metals in themselves. It covers polyester and epoxy resins. polyurethane resins and polyurethane foams. We have also used it successfully on wood plaques treated to give a finish resembling metal.

If you are using any of the resins ,cast them without using any metal powder in the casting.

Surface Preparation:

Prepare the surface thoroughly by removing any mould release or grease and then lightly sand or sandblast. Some manufacturers of silicone and polyurethane mould materials make mould release removers. If this is not available use methylated spirits and /or an industrial metal cleaner/degreaser. Use a scotch brite pad or similar with these solutions to rub and clean the surface.

Once clean, rinse and then dry before sanding with 110-220 sandpaper, sandblasting or even steel wool to get a slight tooth to the surface. Polyurethane surfaces require using a metal primer after sanding.

Metal Coating the Surface:

The surface is now ready for the application of the Sculpt Nouveau Metal Coating B. This may be brushed on , however it does not self level, being so heavy bodied, so brush marks will remain if not removed before drying. Applying cool air to the surface will help to remove the brush marks. We found when doing test pieces that a better method is to use a spray gun with a nozzle with a wide opening. The Wagner airless gun worked quite well.

Apply the first coat of Sculpt Nouveau Metal Coating B and let it cure for 6 hours. This time may be shortened by using a hair drier or heat gun.

Applying the Patina:

Apply a second coat of Sculpt Nouveau Metal Coating B and while still wet or fresh - about ten minutes- apply a patina. Suitable patinas are listed in part 1 of this article. Allow the metal coating and patina to cure for 6 hours. If you have chosen a green patina, do not rush this curing time with heat, let the patina develop slowly, out of the heat and sun.

Finishing Treatment for the Patina:

Lightly burnish the patina finish with 000 steel wool or a fine Scotch Brite pad. This finishing may be done with or without water. Burnishing will pull off some of the patina which will produce highlighting effects. Sculpt Nouveau's wax or an acrylic sealer may now be applied.

Alternative Effect:

Instead of using a patina on the metal coating, a coloured wax may be used on the fully cured Metal Coating.

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