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What Casting Material can be cast into Silicone Rubber Molding Material?

An article about various Casting Material which can be cast into Silicone Rubber Molding Material, latex moulds and plastic moulds.

Your selection of a casting material is dictated by what you want to make. If you are making jewellery you would be looking at the resins. If you are making novelty plaques for children to paint you would need plaster and so on. We will concentrate on the most popular casting materials.

Our most popular plaster Boral Casting Plaster is used mainly for childrens plaster painting using our plastic moulds. Silicone rubber molding material is generally used with resins rather than plaster as it is more expensive. We use it in preference to the hardware store plaster of paris because of its finer nature and the hardness of its surface which helps prevent chipping and is a better painting surface.
For those who want a harder plaster or a special purpose plaster we stock the American USG series of stone plasters, Hydrostone, Hydrocal and Ultracal.

Opaque plastic-like resin:
The most versatile and easiest to use resin Casting Material is Aldax CraftCast. It sets up in 3 minutes in a silicone mould and can be removed in 10 minutes. It is a hard white plastic product that can be metal filled, coloured or painted for any number of end products. It is a polyurethane resin.
We use it for toy train parts, antique car parts, badges or decorative items of all descriptions. We use a silicone rubber molding material called CraftSil and recommend the two as the perfect combination. Click Here for more information.

Colourless hard plastic style resins:
Chief amongst these resin casting materials is Crystal Cast resin an epoxy resin. It has little or no odour and is a two part product that mixes easily one part each of A and B We use this resin widely for resin jewellery and similar products. It cannot be cast large embedding moulds and for this we use a polyester resin.
We would use Clear Cast polyester resin a lot more if it did not have a highly objectionable odour and a nasty catalyst MEPK. It is the lowest cost resin and can be cast into moulds of any size for embedding. It is water clear in colour. We recommend any of our silicone rubber molding materials for resin casting.

CraftCast Casting Material

Casting resin into a putty form of silicone rubber molding material

We carry a range of low lead and leadless alloy metals for the white metal casting of toy soldiers and train parts. We also carry a leadless pewter for the badge and jewellery makers. We also carry a range of silicone rubber molding material suitable for high temperature.

We do not supply the concrete but the Latex Hobby moulds and the PolyU polyurethane moulds for professional users represent a major part of our business. We are an information resource for all decorative concrete products.

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