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What Else is Required?

Release Agents
You have selected the rubber you require for the casting material you want for your finished project. Now you need a suitable release agent to ensure the casting material releases easily from your mould.
We recommend Craft Release #25 when using plaster against plaster. Craft Release #23 for polyurethanes such as CraftMold rubber and J Wax and PVA release for ClearCast Casting Resin and other polyester and epoxy resins.
Silicone rubbers fortunately rarely require a release agent but if one is required a thin film of petroleum jelly is usually all that is required.

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When using models made of porous material such as plaster or wood it is essential to seal these items with an acrylic sealer such as CraftSeal a general purpose sealer.

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Cold Metal Casting
If doing embedments or simulated metal finishes you will require metal powders such as aluminium, copper, bronze , iron or brass for loading into your resin.

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Hot Metal Casting
We have a range of alloy metals ranging from lead free pewter to regular low lead white casting metals.

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Minit Mold our alginate of choice reproduces babies hands or feet with ease and absolute safety. Bulk supplies of alginate are also available for full size adult lifecasting together with the essential plaster of paris bandages for back-up of the alginate.

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Modelling Materials
Wax, oil and water based clays, air hardening clays are all essential tools for making your original models.

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