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How to turn concrete into gold

Learn how silicon mold making and concrete casting molds can make you money while having fun & developing creativity.

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Thankyou for your interest in silicon mold making and casting. Our company has been involved with molds and casting for over 20 years and feel we are qualified to commence passing on the knowledge we have learned the hard way over that period.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are possibly as keen as we are, in putting these new silicon mold making and casting materials to work for you. You may have some concept that would work if only you could produce multiple items at a low cost. Perhaps a carving, sculpture or a garden statue that would make you money if only you knew how to reproduce it.

It takes something out of the ordinary to get me excited, but I must tell you the mold making and casting products we are receiving lately just get better and better. For thousands of years we have relied on some form of plaster to make mold and cast. Not any more, the silicons and polyurethanes are here to stay. New products keep arriving and more importantly the prices keep getting lower and lower.

The big thing as far as I’m concerned, is that silicon mold making and casting is made for Australian conditions. It’s a natural. With our small population we more often than not cannot afford the high tooling costs involved in getting some projects off the ground. If it looks like costing you $50,000 to $100,000 in having tooling machined to make your new gadget, it is more often than not a case of – “That was a great idea but…..” and another good saleable idea dies stillborn.

Why silicon mold making and casting are such great ways to make money.

Firstly the cost of the raw material is low and getting lower all the time, while your selling prices are high in comparison, as they have nothing to do with your raw material costs. The selling price is determined by the beautiful pot you have made not the few cents you paid for the plaster or concrete to make it. Casting can make you a lot of money providing you master the few simple techniques required and work with materials that have been tested and proven to be suitable for the task at hand.

The second most important reason for a successful money making venture with silicon mold making and casting is in the nature of the process. Unlike most craft projects you do not have to start from scratch every time you make an item. Unlike a wood carver, you make a mold of your original and then put some material into the mold, which reproduces your original – like magic! You do not have to keep on going through the time consuming process of making your original over and over again. The mold does it for you.

Some great reasons for making money with mould making and casting
Work at Home
Reproduce non-copyright giftware
Work for yourself
Make one original then cast dozens or more
Earn Money Part Time
Learn closely guarded trade secrets
Start Your Own Business
Reproduce your own projects for sale of gifts


silicone mould The secret that potters discovered hundreds of years ago is now yours, to reproduce items that previously would have required huge machines and big investment. For instance, using these new materials, reproduction parts are being made for vintage cars simply and easily. Plastic parts originally injection moulded can be made in a simple polyurethane or silicon mold by reproducing from an original and you can’t tell the difference.

When I consider the potential that mold making and casting offers a would be entrepreneur, I’m inclined to become a little too enthusiastic – so I will temper my remarks with caution and just try to indicate where I perceive the opportunities to lie. After all it must be your determination and persistence that will count in the end – not mine.

What are the plus factors? Well here are a few to consider. You can start off calling it a hobby or craft while you are trying out one thing or another and build up your experience, until you find your niche market.

You can work at your own pace and set your own hours. You can work at home completely independently of others. You can use your own designs often modelled on what you see around you and you can make them yourself. Anything you can model in clay, wax or wood can be your starting point.

A silicon mold making and casting business can be started with very little money. Starting small has many advantages. Firstly it gives you the opportunity to gain experience while you try various ideas and products. All the while you are building up a basic business kit and the necessary skills. Don’t jump in without experience.

You can operate from anywhere, thus cutting rent costs in the early stages. City or country it doesn’t matter. Some of our most successful customers are not located in cities. For instance a plaster or concrete casting business has great advantages in country areas. The product is heavy and difficult to ship from the city. A local manufacturer using concrete casting molds has many advantages. The plastic concrete casting molds are also relatively cheap to purchase. As your production increases and grows you can purchase more concrete casting molds. A wide range is available here.

If you have enquired previously about silicon mold making, casting or concrete casting molds you will already know how little printed material there is on the subject, and what there is, is hopelessly out of date. There simply does not seem to be anywhere to acquire the necessary knowledge. Fortunately we have the necessary experience in this area to be of help to you. Over the past 20 years we have helped set up and train literally hundreds of very successful Hobby Ceramic Studios around NSW.

Using the knowledge and expertise we have gained over all these years we have moved on to what has grown out of our existing business and has to be, we believe, the greatest potential growth area for small business, silicon mold making and casting. For the first time, we can give you most of the answers and materials we have used and tested on how to reproduce practically any plastic or simulated metal article, figuring or sculpture at a price that will enable you to make big profit margins. 

This is necessary because you will be low volume to start off with and you need the big profit margins. I hate quoting margins but one of our customers makes dogs costing him $1.50 in materials and sells them for $24.00 retail. Needless to say this is one of his better lines.

Instead of buying your stock from a manufacturer or wholesaler you are making your own unique product. So where do you sell them? I have been compiling a list from reports I have been receiving – no doubt you can thick of many more. Here are a few suggestions: gift shops, departments stores, craft shows, garden centres and of course the big one here in Australia MARKETS & FAIRS.

Markets have given the low cost start to many successful businesses that can now be seen exhibiting in the top Gift Trade Shows around the country.

craft fairs

What type of product can I make using molds?

The list is endless but to suggest but a few; wall plaques, garden pots, paperweights, figurines, sculpture of all kinds, concrete garden pavers with concrete casting molds, plastic parts of all kinds, resin fridge magnets, resin cabachons and jewellery, theatre props, rubber stamps, low temperature metal castings such as pewter, architectural mouldings, doll house parts, model railroad parts, garden edging, fountains, garden ornaments, soap, wax shapes, decorations, candles, giftware, fishing lures, fashion jewellery, chess sets and boards and so on – ad infinitum.

To help you get started in the exciting business of silicon mold making and casting, we are compiling a “Tech Tips” section on our website filled with articles and how to do facts, explaining what you need to know about mold manufacturing and casting materials and how to use them. It contains articles on how to make latex, silicone and polyurethane molds and lists the casting materials available and at the click of a button takes you to the appropriate place to easily purchase an item from our range. Our store can be directly accessed here.

Aldax distributes a wide range of liquid mold rubbers and casting gypsums and resins. The materials create flexible molds suitable for almost any application. Mold making and casting accessories, release agents, books/videos/DVDs make it easy to get all you need from a single source. We also have a wide range of ready made plastic molds, latex molds and concrete casting molds.

Whether you need a rubber or plastic to spray, brush or pour for applications such as plaster casting, concrete casting molds, architectural restoration, prop production, sculpture, décor reproduction, candle or soap making think ALDAX. Our free technical support, product literature and online catalogue will help get you started. 

Making Money with Concrete Moulds

A quiet revolution is occurring in the decorative use of concrete. You have seen the new uses for concrete in the shopping malls and commercial sites. Shops now feature walls of concrete wall cladding and attractive new style floors. Gone are the days of plain old boring grey concrete. It has always been our finest and strongest structural material, now it is becoming a prima donna of style.

The many new uses have not gone unnoticed by our architects and concrete is now finding many new functions in our homes and gardens. Already concrete is replacing laminates in the kitchen dressed up in many new names. Mosaic table tops are starting to appear as well as many faux stone wall cladding to bring life to home feature walls.

Early adopters overseas are already in the process of building up profitable businesses catering to this new market. They have found that one of the unexpected advantages is that this is one type of business that can be started with a mass of enthusiasm, hard work, low capital requirements and a garage.

In Australia concrete as a source of a second or primary income has largely been centred on making concrete garden ornaments for display and sale at local markets and fairs. Many are making a very welcome addition to their income by making latex moulds and casting concrete gnomes and other garden artifacts. The manufacturing costs are low with a few cents of material yielding many dollars of profit after simple additional decoration.

A few have started adding pavers and stepping stones and some of the new paver blocks and and are doing very well. These new additions to their market displays are attracting attention as they are a distinct breakaway from the traditional plain looking stepping stones sold by garden centres.

Our aim as a company is to provide all tools and instruction on how to manufacture and market these new product types as we have done for the past 25 years in the hobby ceramic industry. We are experienced in what is required to help beginners to set up a profitable small business- which many choose to do from their own homes.

Unlike many overseas companies offering start up packages costing up to $70,000 & over we continue to offer the chance for a raw beginner to put a low risk tentative toe in the water of business opportunity, with low priced simple to understand starter kits costing only a hundred dollars or so.

A good way of starting is to select a small project from around the home and see if concrete as a low cost base material lives up to your profit expectations. Potential solid businesses can be grown by being an early entrant into some aspect of this new field of decorative concrete.

All these items can now be made at home using low cost materials such as cement, sand and water and a good repeat business can be built up by simply displaying the finished products. No selling is involved the actual products do your selling for you. Many get involved through a DIY concrete project around the home and find it so easy they use it as a source of additional income through recommendations by friends.

Why are so many doing these jobs around the home themselves?
(1) It is a simple fun activity

(2) Tiles and faux stone can be made for a fraction of the store price

(3) Custom colours and designs are completely within your control

(4) Pride and satisfaction of doing it yourself

(5) Long lasting…..often 100 years plus

(6) Can be easily done by either men or women

(7) No special talent or experience is required

(8) It can be the beginning of a small but very profitable home based business

We suggest the ideal way to start in the field of decorative concrete is to purchase one of our kits. They contain all the materials necessary except the cement and sand which can be obtained locally to save freight costs.

This is all very new and it is difficult to predict what kits will ultimately be required as interest grows. However the first kit released will be a driveway and path stencil kit using the popular brick pattern. Watch for kits as they are released on our web site

All moulds are made using natural stone as the original, perfectly replicating the beauty of the natural bush rock. Handcrafted stone can be made lighter, much less expensively and are easier to install. One of the bonuses is that using faux stone reduces the depredation of our natural bush rock. Our handmade stone products last and keep looking great for a lifetime.



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