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Frequently Asked Questions - Imprintz

Please find following our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) regarding our Awards and Trophies, Personalised and Promotional Products.
Imprintz Promotional & Personalised Products | Awards and Trophies
Q: How many of an item do I have to order?
A: The company as been developed from day one to cater for the small business owner or private individual who wants to choose from a wide diversity of personalised and promotional products but only wishes to order in small quantities, say one of a item..
Q: What type of products do Aldax Imprintz Manufacturer?
A: Anything that can be imprinted, or personalised with a business logo or a persons name This covers awards, trophies, t-shirts, mugs, computer mats, etched glass and acrylic, name tags, signs, pens, keyrings, sports apparel, desk accessories, frames, plaques and plastic embedding to mention just a few items.
Q: What type of equipment is used?
A: A laser engraver is used for metal and wood engraving and etching, a sand blaster for glass and acrylic etching, a Roland vinyl sign cutter, a Roland rotary engraver and scanner, several heat presses for heat transfer work, mug, plate and tile heat presses for sublimation printing, 3 vacuum machines for mould formation and other forming work, pad printing machine for logo transfers onto pens etc, a guillotine for metal award cutting and a 2D/3D CNC machine for all wood masters, large format Epson printers and 4 computers plus scanner and a mess of software to drive the whole she-bang.
Q: What are your hours?
A: We work a 5 day week from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. We try to keep an eye out for urgent e-mails whatever day it is.
Q: Do you have a showroom?
A: We have reserved a small area in the front of the factory to display a limited range of our products. However you are welcome to visit at any time during our business hours. We occupy industrial factory premises at 22A Hearne Street Mortdale direct sales from 9.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday. You are welcome to visit us at any time.
Q: Do you have a catalogue?
A: Due to the addition of new products on a daily or weekly basis, we have never been able to keep a printed catalogue up to date and have therefore concentrated on keeping our website and e-bay store as up to date as possible.
Q: I understand Engraving and Sand Blasting but what is Dye Sublimation?
A: Very briefly it is a method of printing where an ink or dye or toner that you have printed on the paper or other material is heated and converted into a gas that then permeates the surface of the piece of metal or fibre such as t-shirt or whatever else you are using and leaves a permanent imprint under the surface.

This amazing ink goes from a solid to a gas then back to a solid without ever passing through a liquid state. The best example of this occurrence is dry ice.

The big plus as far as the consumer is concerned is that beautiful and permanent full colour imprinting is now possible on a very wide range of materials. Feel a t-shirt that has been sublimated and it feels soft and pliable quite unlike a silk screen shirt.

Sublimated mugs can be given full colour renditions of your favourite colour print that are imprinted deep into the surface of the mug following the heat and pressure treatment of the sublimation process. By virtue of the gas penetration actually into the glaze, the picture is permanent and scratch proof.
Q: What is different about your printing methods ?
A: Unlike your regular printer we convert the raster or half tone images that they work with, into what is called vectors. This CAD/CAM format gives us complete control over colour output to our printers and subsequent output to our machine equipment whether it be laser or rotary engraver or sandblaster..In other words we give all instructions to our machines in vector talk, they understand no other language.
Q: How long do you take to process orders?
A: We keep no finished imprinted stock on hand, everything is freshly made to your order. This enables us to make rapid changes impossible in a production line environment. Most orders go out the same day they are received except for high pressure sales periods during the year. Customers are notified by e-mail or phone in the event of unexpected delays.
Q: What guarantees to you give?
A: All products that we manufacture are sold on a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. No ifs or buts!

Q: Are you are good company to do business with ?
A: All I can say is that we really try hard. Most of the businesses my wife Joan and I started have now been taken over by our sons, but we all still believe in giving the best service we can to our customers.

Our small family group of companies dates back to 20th June 1947 almost 60 years ago when we opened our Rockdale Pharmacy, which now in the able hands of son Kent. The Rockdale, Caringbah and Hurstville photographic businesses have been consolidated in the city as FotoRiesel Camera House, under the ownership of son Mark. Garry has developed Arts & Crafts into his framing business at Carlton while Adam was the reason for the origin of Aldax Moulds and Aldax Imprintz developed from his 20 years experience in the ceramic and mould industry at Revesby.

Our store on e-bay is showing high approval rating which we hope to keep in the future.



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