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Should a Technical Data Sheet or MSDS sheet not be listed on this page for the product you require, please contact us.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
TDS (Technical Data Sheets)


Aluminium Powder

Amazing Mold Putty, Mold Putty & Mold Putty 15 A Side

Amazing Mold Putty, Mold Putty & Mold Putty 15 B Side

Apoxie Sculpt

Banana Skin PartA

Banana Skin PartB

Brass powder

Bronze Powder


Casting Plaster

Clear Casting Resin

Copper Powder

E236 Stoner Urethane Release

E302 Stoner Rocket Release

EasyCast Clear A + B

EasyCast Part A

Easy Cast Part B

Envirotex Lite Resin

Envirotex Lite Hardener

Hydrostone TB

Iron Powder

ISOpropyl Alcohol

JWax Aerosol

Kato PolyClay

Latex Brush

Latex Spray

M4470 / T37


M4642 PartA

M4642 Part B

M4644 PartA

M4644 PartB


Neutral Brush Gelcoat

Pinkysil Part A

PinkySil Part B

PolyPig Apple Green

PolyPig Arctic Blue

PolyPig Black

PolyPig Bright Red

PolyPig Canary Yellow

PolyPig Chrome Green

PolyPig Dark Brown

PolyPig Inca Gold

PolyPig Kelly Green

PolyPig Light Orange

PolyPig Meridian Blue

PolyPig Pool Jade

PolyPig Rock Melon

PolyPig Royal Blue

PolyPig Safety Yellow

PolyPig Saffron Yellow

PolyPig Seagull Grey

PolyPig Signal Red

PolyPig White

Pottery Plaster


Silicone Pigment Black

Silicone Pigment Dark Blue

Silicone Pigment Green

Silicone Pigment Grey

Silicone Pigment Light Blue

Silicone Pigment Orange

Silicone Pigment Red oxide

Silicone Pigment Red Brown

Silicone Pigment White

Silicone Pigment Yellow

Silpression PartA

Silpression PartB

Trade 26 Silicone

Trade 26 Slow Catalyst

Urethane Pigment Black

Urethane Pigment Blue

Urethane Pigment Burnt Umber

Urethane Pigment Cherry Red

Urethane Pigment Flesh

Urethane Pigment Green

Urethane Pigment Grey

Urethane Pigment Med Chrome Yellow

Urethane Pigment Orange

Urethane Pigment Primrose Yellow

Urethane Pigment Red Oxide

Urethane Pigment Skin Tone

Urethane Pigment Thalo Red

Urethane Pigment Violet

Urethane Pigment White

Urethane Pigment Yellow Oxide

Aldax Crystal Cast Epoxy Casting Resin Part A

Aldax Crystal Cast Epoxy Casting Resin Part B

Rotothane Part A

Rotothane Part B

Aldax CraftSil

Alumilite Performance 65D & 80D

Alumilite Vac 50

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