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Aldax Imprintz News 2007

5th December 2007 - Our Imprintz website is at last receiving the attention it deserves. Our first 12 months of internet trading has gone very quickly, as we adjust to this new method of doing business, so different to our last 60 years in business. We have a wide personalised product range that we will be introducing on our new look website. These are designed to make perfect gifts for family and friends. Keep Watching!!

5th March 2007 - Aldax Imprintz specialises in printing personalised and promotional products in low quantities from one to five hundred and DO NOT CHARGE FOR ARTWORK, SET-UP OR SCREENS. No GST is payable on these items only on the imprinting

Aldax Imprintz are custom printing specialists established to provide a service to individuals and small and medium sized businesses requiring professional full colour imprinting with no minimum order, set-up or artwork costs.

A wide range of cutting edge equipment has been installed to enable us to provide a high quality, full colour imprinting service. We use several different imprinting methods, chief amongst these is the process of dye sublimation. Unlike silk screen this process does not use screens, rather the image is computer generated and thus enables us to turn around most jobs the same day.

We work from colour photos which can be attached to an e-mail and sent to us for imprinting and personalising a wide range of products such as:-

· Ceramic Mugs * T-Shirts, Polo Shirts etc
· Ceramic Plates * Mouse Pads
· Coasters * Ceramic Wall Tiles
· Clocks * Plaques
· Badges * Jigsaw Puzzles
· Teddy Bears * Photo Gifts

Dye sublimation printed articles can be used in microwaves and dish washers simply because the process embeds the colour in the actual glaze of ceramic mugs or the cotton of a t-shirt. It does not stay on the surface as does silk screen. This gives a very smooth finish to the mugs, the image cannot be scratched or damaged in any way.




Dye sublimation allows us to print your photos or company logo on almost anything

· Your original artwork or photo is not damaged in any way.
· All the design work and set-up is FREE

24th January 2007 - The new look Aldax Imprintz website may prove a little confusing "initially". Our 3 main categories are listed at the top and take you to our main imported supplies catalogues. There are no prices listed at this stage of development and it will be necessary to e-mail any enquiry to us for a quote. Simply quote the item number listed against each item with a brief description of what it is and what you want engraved or imprinted on it.

At the bottom of the page, by clicking on Imprintz you can access our Imprintz ecommerce store and shopping cart for a complete range of Australian products and prices that we are currently developing ourselves. new items are being added daily.

21st January 2007 -We are finally getting ALDAX IMPRINTZ up and running. The final pieces of equipment have arrived, our laser engraver, pad printer, our second 3D scanner capable of handling much larger sizes than previously and a couple of new computers. All very exciting. My wife and lifelong partner Joan did happen to mention in passing something about "boys toys" but I am sure she was talking about someone else. Joseph needless to say is having the time of his life getting it all up and running.

Craig (of Bullie Graphics) our website designer has started loading up the 3 new catalogues whose products we will be representing. Styles and TCD for awards and trophies and Logo Line for promotional products. The personalised products we have on eBay will be brought onto our web site and expanded

To some, we appear to have a disconnected product range, but actually this is not so. All our products stem from the same basic computer program. The designs we develop in this program all work much the same way, when we feed them out to each machine to produce each individual product.

The magic computer production word is "vectors" We treat everything as a vector which is an exact computer generated line or shape rather than a series of dots used to produce the colour pictures in your magazines and newspapers. This type of machine does not understand dots, but they love vector instructions that enables them, to cut, sandblast or laser to an exact reference point.


A member of the Alderson Group of Companies, proudly in our 60th year.
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